Coursework grade: 82/100 (A)

Planning: Adjustments to concepts not made - 2 = 15/20
Production: Film 34/40 Poster: 10/10 Radio advert 9/10
Evaluation: 14/20 Excellent discussion of technical aspects, not enough on audience and NMT for level 4

Well done!

Production Grade: 52/60

Radio advert (need to hear it again)

Planning grade: 17/20

Excellent planning and presentation of work. Excellent time management.
Move poster after sketches on blog
Add sketch for radio advert
Check spellings in work
VALUES means PRODUCTION VALUES i.e. look and style of the film. You could talk about budget under this. Usually the bigger the budget the better looking the film because you can afford the bext people. How did your film/the films you looked at make it look professional with limited budgets?
NARRATIVE - this is about story and story structure, you haven't always got this right

Being Bad

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If Not Now

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