Our Film Poster CCTV

This poster has a very simple colour scheme of black & white and green & white. I decided to use this because the running time on the CCTV shots in the film are in green and a black & white picture helped to make the text stand out. I hazed out the edges of the picture so that the picture is more focused on the camera and so that the text on the edges were more effective. Having text on the edges makes them bold because they are on a black background and they are out of the way which emphasises the larger text "CCTV".

Film Poster Research

When planning to make a poster for CCTV, I decided that a CCTV camera would be the focus of the poster because our film wanted to show how CCTV has been a huge part of most people lives whether they know it or not. I wanted the majority of the poster to be in black and white because it would make the rest of the writing stand out.
By looking at what films are similar, I decided that the film "Eagle Eye" was the most relevant to what our film wanted to show and what our target audience is. By looking at the "Eagle Eye" poster I noticed that the poster also had a black and white theme that made the colour text stand out more. From research of other film posters I found that the majority have a section of text that is dedicated to saying what actors are in the film,who wrote the screen play and who directed it.