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Planning grade: 17/20

Excellent planning and presentation of work. Excellent time management.
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VALUES means PRODUCTION VALUES i.e. look and style of the film. You could talk about budget under this. Usually the bigger the budget the better looking the film because you can afford the bext people. How did your film/the films you looked at make it look professional with limited budgets?
NARRATIVE - this is about story and story structure, you haven't always got this right

Being Bad

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If Not Now

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Skin Deep

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Story Board

Short Film Research

Why short films?

- Experience
- Show reel
- Partnerships
- Kudos
- Testing ideas


A distributor can help generate sales and market a film. In terms of shorts, a distributor is an individual or organisation who will represent your film at festivals and markets around the world and who will attempt to sell it to television.

Distributing companies

-Dazzle Short Film Label
- Future shorts
- Lux
- Network Ireland Television
- Onedotzero
- Shorts International


What to include in a short film budget:
- Cast & Crew - Camera & lights
- Travel - Stock
- Catering - Insurance
- Location - Marketing


UK Film Council
The main company that funds short films is UK film Council. They have funding available for both production and post-production.

National and Regional Screen Agencies
Each region has their own agency that looks after local filmmaking talent through funding, development and training initiatives.

Local Councils

Local councils will often put money towards a short filmmaking initiative, especially if it deals with social exclusion or aids the local community in some way.

Local charities may help to fund short films but they normally try to add in a charity ad.


Who are the target audience for short films?

The audience for short films are generally people who have a strong interest in either making a short film or inspire to making a bigger film but gather ideas from the conventions used in short films. From using the VALS system we can show that the target audience for short films will be Achievers, people who have already produced short films and are interested in helping other young talent and want to fund them. Also using the VALS system, you can say that the audience will also be Experiencers, these are people who are young and rebellious and are interested in new styles and like new products, but tire of them soon after. This can mean that ideas are gathered from short films and young talent can produce more short films.

Who are the audience for the short films I looked at?

In terms of demographics for the audience of the short films i looked at, I can evaluate to say that the majority of the audience of those films were of a young adult nature and would predominately be males. Also i would say that the audience would be from a low social background as the films are shot in a low social environment.

Who are you making your short film for?

For our film I think that in terms of demographics and our audience I feel the age of our audience would be young adults and i feel also that in terms of gender it would be males as from research most of the films which contain action developed a broader male audience. When walking about social class, our audience would have a decent social class as the location in which the film is shot. Again as from my research of other short films i feel our audience would be Experiencers in using the VALS system. As our audience is of a young nature there psychographic category i would place them in would be, Egoist, as our audience will be seeking pleasure hence the reason to watch a film.

How will you measure your success in having made a product which appeals to this audience?

We can measure the success of our film in several ways. Firstly, and the easiest way to gain comments on our film would be to ask our peers. We would show them and then ask for there opinion. This is a good way of measuring how well the film has done because our fellow peers fit into our target audience categories. Also we could post our video on a Youtube or similar websites to get a broader opinion and using this way we can truly get an understanding of who our actual audience are.