Short Film Research

Why short films?

- Experience
- Show reel
- Partnerships
- Kudos
- Testing ideas


A distributor can help generate sales and market a film. In terms of shorts, a distributor is an individual or organisation who will represent your film at festivals and markets around the world and who will attempt to sell it to television.

Distributing companies

-Dazzle Short Film Label
- Future shorts
- Lux
- Network Ireland Television
- Onedotzero
- Shorts International


What to include in a short film budget:
- Cast & Crew - Camera & lights
- Travel - Stock
- Catering - Insurance
- Location - Marketing


UK Film Council
The main company that funds short films is UK film Council. They have funding available for both production and post-production.

National and Regional Screen Agencies
Each region has their own agency that looks after local filmmaking talent through funding, development and training initiatives.

Local Councils

Local councils will often put money towards a short filmmaking initiative, especially if it deals with social exclusion or aids the local community in some way.

Local charities may help to fund short films but they normally try to add in a charity ad.

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