The Package Evaluation

We first started off with a list of camera shots that we had to include in the film titled 'The Package'. With all of them in mind we sat down together to discuss and draw up our ideas, and finally put them together so that we could film our ideas. 
After this we chose who our actors were. We need to select people who fitted the character's attributes. Our actors were David Finch (Suspicious guy) and Tom Hayward (Mystery man) and Stuart Sharples who was a random character. 
We now had to find a location to shoot our first scene. We chose a quiet class room which was adjacent to a long corridor. This was helpful as our second scene was to be in a corridor.
We made several changes to our script whilst filming but none were major. 
All of our clips we over ran so that we had sufficient film footage to edit later on.
Now the filming was complete we now had to extract the footage onto the computers and edit it via Final Cut Express, which is a software which allows you to use several tools and techniques to put together your film.
We found the software easy to learn as Harry was already equipped to the software due to previous experience's therefore Harry was able to show me how to use Final Cut Express. The tools available such as adding transitions and cuts made it easy to merge together the clips we had and make changing scenes more attractive on the viewers eye.
It  took us long period of time to find specific music that would fit our film and one that we liked as well.We both looked through Harry's Ipod which had a variety of music that we liked but ended choosing Linkin Park - In the end. We thought of merging this song with another half way through the film but instead chose to fade the music into the background by making the music quieter and then pick up its sound again and finish at the same level it started off at.
One problem we had with editing was that it was hard to get the right heart beat and make it sound real because one bar was only 2 heartbeats and we wanted more so we had to join them to make it sound real. Another problem was that it was frustrating to film as we had to film during school time we had a lot of noise in the background and interruptions from people passing by interested in what we were doing.
All together we both found this task interesting to do and enjoyable to put together and we learned a lot to do with editing and how to use a camera to show different representations and how to capture the same thing but from a different position.

The Package

By Stuart Sharples and Harry Aquilina

That's better

Thanks Stuart. Evaluation now.