Evaluation of Newspaper

We first started off by doing some research into newspapers, we looked at a variety of different newspapers most of which were free and local. Because these newspapers were free and local they had more advertisements on the front. Once we had a brief over view of what we would need to have on the front. We then decided to go out and take pictures of stories that we wanted to portray.  
These picture had to be our own, therefore we had to go out and take the photographs. We decided to have a UFO sighting as out main story. To do this we needed a picture of a sky. Other pictures we took were of a movie star, who was part of 'The Package', and the student that had spotted the UFO. To make it easier to pick pictures we took 87 photos. By having so many photos it made it easier to get the story we were trying to get across, each photo gave a different style to the story (e.g. smiles means a happy story). After we had taken all of the necessary images we uploaded them to the iMac. Once we had done this we then needed to change them in specific ways to portray to the audience what the story was about. For example we had a photograph of the sky in which we edited to show a UFO to go along with our story.  
To create the UFO I (Harry) used Adobe Photoshop, by using this program and its detailed tools I managed to create a similar looking object to a UFO in the sky. The image was then dragged to indesign and we made it look smaller so that it would look more realistic. 
Indesign was the software we used to complete the task of creating a local front cover with the story of our choice. Indesign allows you to create different boxes and guidelines so that you can comply a page that has the same style of a newspaper. Using this software was a learning experience for the both of us as this was the first time we had used it. Overall we thought that this software was pretty easy to use as it was similar to other programs such as Microsoft Publisher which we were more common to. However Indesign was more complex and this was an advantage in completing the task  as it had more tools and options to allow us to have our page looking the way we wanted to.
All together we manage to complete the task and get the result we wanted. We got the paper to look the the way we wanted by using a variety of programs and techniques that helped us to develop our skills for the part of the course next year.

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