Being Bad


From the beginning it is apparent that this film wants to portray youth as rebellious, the first character we see looks like he is in his late teens (Malik). The scene is shot to make it look like the character we see steal a ped. However later on in this film we see the teens becoming hedonistic and only worry about having a good time. There are moments where just trying to have fun has bad effect on the characters because it conflicts with each other. This shows the teens as immature and ready for the life they want.


This film was made Dazzle Films. Dazzle films is an up and coming independent short film institution. the director of this film was Laurence Coriat and the producer is Amy Kate Neil.

The focus of this film is on the lives of 3 teens. Malik, Lina and Hocine. We see that the teens only part take in very open activities and not being cooped indoors. This shows that the teens we free. The characters seem to be of an age where they could/ should be at school yet we only see them out, there are no other people their age in the film.

From what i got from the film i believe that the audience would be a younger audience as it seems to have a raw feel like more main stream youth dramas (like skins). Because it focuses on youths this would make it able to relate to by youths. This film is french which would hinder its possible audience variety.

This film was made in France and uses french actors, but it is filmed in a coastal area, this gives the film a whole new feel rather than having it in a city centre where the availability if shots would change inevitably changing the narrative which fits what the film is trying to show. Because there are shots in the sea it shows the freedom of the teens and how it is only them there, also if this is what the people their age did then why were they he only ones there.

The ideology of this film is the freedom of teens and how they treat and interact with each other. Even with the lack of dialogue this film manages to show the feeling of each of the characters through the unique use of cut away scenes like interviews where we get to see the true feeling of the characters. Furthermore the narration and text on the screen show that the teens may have had bad a communication skills. Also these teens where shown to be hedonistic and out going by jumping and playing in the sea without a care in the world.

I believe that the preferred reading of this film is that youth may seem hedonistic and care free but deep down they have alot of feeling that we the audience may no even realise. Through the use of the cut scenes to the interview type scenes, the audience gets to see into the real thoughts and feelings of the characters.

This film is a romantic drama because of the focus on the teens and the one girl we see. Malik clearly likes her but she seems to mess him around.

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