If not now, When?


This film represents youth in a hard brought up area trying to escape the violence and gangs that are prodomtly associated with london estates. The film focuses on Daniel a male youth who is inspiring to become big in football but is also batting to stay away from gangs. The director uses real location and a real cast to add to the relaism that the film gives. The films also represents the realism of knife crime through the camera shots of the gangs in the short film.


The film reveals at the end that it is produced by Paper Mannequin Productions. Nilesh Bell-Gorsia and Akash Lockmun are the men behind this productions and are the writers/Directors of If not now, When?.


The films really focuses on the reality of london estates and the gangs involved within them. The film trys to signify that some sterotypical people who you would feel were in a gang are not actually but are trying to escape that life. We hear a quote in the film 'You got to be in one to get out of one' this signifies that the majority of people around these areas play a part in a gang.


From watching this film i feel that the audience would be people of the same profiles as the cast. The audience would be young males who are from a similar background or share certain characteristics as the cast.


The location in which this short film is filmed in is very conventional to films of this narrative. By shooting by an estate in london it gives the film a real edge and adds a sense of realism. Also by using a steady cam to shoot the majority of the scenes it also gives the audience the feeling that there aswell and makes them feel part of the drama occuring.


The ideology of this film is mainly how youths can get 'sucked' into being part of a gang. The film explores possible routes out of gangs by showing how a sterotypical guy from an estate who could fit a gang members profile stays away from the gang life to concentrate on his football. The young guy knows that by concentrating on something this will get him further away from the life predicted for him. The director also includes how youths are associated with knife crime by including the last scenes.


The main aim by the director of this film is to show the life of a youth trying to escape his surroundings. The film starts off by showing how he is a normal youth with his family and shows how the family are close together with the sister messing around with Daniel. Also with the introducion of his girlfriend this signifies to the audience that Daniel knows who is close to him and wants to keep them by staying away from violence. However after showing to the audience that he is a keen footballer the story has a shocking twist that leaves the audience in shock. With Daniel being stabbed this connotes that it is very hard to escape from violence for youths.


I feel that due to the change of emotions of the cast and the way the film is structed, I believe the genre of If not now, When? is a drama.

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